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PWGenerator is THE BEST!!!

I have used the app for several years and have never had one problem with it. It just plain works! I like the randomness of the passwords and the ability to create a list of passwords. I use it in addition to LastPass. LastPass has a random password generator, and it is “ok”, but I find PWGenerator being easier to work with, then it is just a copy and paste into LastPass. An extra step I am happy to do. To the developers, I ask - please do not sell this app to some Hughe, heartless company that will only screw it up. Think about you happy and loyal customers - US, the little people, because it is US who benefit from this app and make you/your app a success. Keep up the great work!!!

A Superb App!

I have used this app for a while now and consider it to be one of my essential “go-to” necessities. I like the fact that it is more versatile than most pw managers and the fact that it works flawlessly. I use it quite often and highly recommend it to everyone.

Easy to Use, Works Well, & Free!

I got this because I wanted a Password Generator to work with alongside my Password Manager (RoboForm), which is a fine app, but it doesn’t have a Password Generator. When I need a new password, I now use PwGenerator to create one, then enter it in the new site, & RoboForm manages it for me, so they work very well in conjunction with each other, & both are free apps. My only complaint about PwGenerator is that I’d prefer to have the mixture of letters/digits/symbols (as shown above on this webpage) shown as a numerical count rather than a percentage. I would find it easier to just tell PwGenerator that I want 11 Caps, 4 lowercase, 3 symbols, & 2 numbers, for example. The table could be modified to show the number of glyphs still needed to attain the number I want in the total.

Intuitive, easy to use

This app delivers what it says it will - strong passwords, simply and easily. I copy the generated password into my clipboard app (Ciipboard Center), apply it to whatever website needs it, then paste the password into 1Password, my password keeper of choice. I find PwGenerator to be be easier to work with than the password generator in 1Password, even though I otherwise have no issues with 1Password. So PwGenerator sits in my dock, immediately to the left of 1Password. Fine app.

Great Software

Super easy to use. Does a great job.

Independant journalism project producer

Excellant and needed. Works great

Really good

This is very nice, good interface and functionality but rather than running as an app in the dock I’d much rather see this run as a menubar icon only. Otherwise excellent!

Very useful app to improve your security

Easy to use (just launch it), simple password format configuration, and copy&paste to make the complex password practical.

Excellent app for security

The Password Generator is easy to use and an excellent app to help protect your computer files. I highly recommend it to all Lee


Create large batches of complex passwords, it’s simple to use.

Excellent PW Generator

i own a hosting company and have to constantly come up with unique, long, and extremely strong passwords. This program fits the bill and handles all my needs I can even export out a file with multipe counts of passwords. Easy to use.

Could easily be a 5 star...

Love this app regardless… but would like to see the option to generate multiple passwords. Either way, by far the best password generator out.

The best password generator for the Mac

Great interface! Simple yet efficient. This is the best tool to generate passwords for the OSX platform so far! And it is also noob friendly coming with options to generate specific passwords for wifi connections and other features. The only thing I miss on it is some sort of visual indication that the given generated password has been copied to the clipboard, or even a button saying "Copy to clipboard" to make it more user friendly. The copy option is not even on the right click menu over the text field. Nonetheless, a great piece of software! Download it now!

Very nice program

It does what it claims to do and has a clean, attractive interface. I have never had a problem with it.

Excelent Password Generator!

Many thanks for adding the option to avoid ambiguous/similar characters! This app is a must for anyone that needs to generate passwords on a dailiy basis! 5 stars for listenign to our request and improving your App!

Good app - I like the implementation

Good app. Priced right. Looks good. The misspellings bother me: (1) 'Symboles' on the main screen should be 'Symbols', and (2) 'Combinaisons' in the menu should be 'Combinations'.

Rather sophisticated program for those who desire more input in password creation.

I downloaded PassMaker and this program (PwGenerator) at the same time, planning to go with one or the other. PwGenerator allows the user to input more preferences and provides more feedback about the strength of passwords than PassMaker. For my simple purposes, I decided that PassMaker was good enough--it's certainly quicker. Neither program seemed capable of instantly generating mnemonic passwords; hence, 4 stars to each.


Great app if you don’t like having the same password for all of your accounts, I recommend you to have another app to save these passwords with encryption (i.e. wallet 256 aes). In the images here doesn’t show but you can get from 1 al the way to a 64 password long, if you close or quit the app an open it again it will give you a new one, it never saves the last password; so make sure you have memorized it or saved it. In my opinion is one of the best apps to create passwords.

Excellent at what it does

This type of program is useful for just about anyone -- too many people use the same one or two passwords for all accounts, and/or easily-guessed passwords. The new version 1.1.0 is much improved. I was previously having a problem with unusual characters (ligatures and foreign alphabets) that I could not identify and could not type. Fixed. Also improved is that the program now avoids ambiguous characters such as capital i/small L that look alike. That last point could have been made optional, but the author is clearly going for that Mac "just works" interface, and keeping it simple. Hey, if simple gets more people to improve their passwords, more the better! This program is excellent for what it does -- a one-trick pony that does its one trick very well and very easily. For people who are serious about security I would also recommend looking at an app called 1Password, which stores and organizes this kind of information, but for simple password generation, PwGenerator is at the top of the game. Update: Version 1.3 adds an excellent feature for system administrators -- you can now generate a list of passwords according to the current settings. Need 100 new passwords for user accounts? Click and Done! Nice feature.

Hexadecimal bug fix makes this a really good tool.

Nice clean interface that is fairly intuitive, with an effective randomization algorithm for generating new strings. A good tool.

Simple and effective.

It's simple, easy to use, and effective. What more could I ask? To top it off, it's free. I saw this and figured, "why not?" And I have no regrets

Simple and Powerful

This is quite possibly the greatest random-string generator I've ever seen - or of all time.


Once you've created a password it would have been nice to make a profile for it. Telling where to use the password, and so that you would never loose the password. Sadly this does neither. However, I can't hold anything against this application since it does what it claims to. It makes you powerful passwords.

Clean and Simple

This is the lightest, quickest password generator I have used. Great app!

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